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Really loved this concept! The drawings are intricate and fun and it was great to just escape my daily stresses and focus on solving the message. Very cool!

- S.T.


A svelte book of beautiful and challenging mazes leading to a crypto-climatic revelation.  Get off the grid and into a maze.  Your brain will thank you!

-Jack E.

Meiro Kodo, volume 1 and 2 (with more coming soon). ISBN 978-1546597551. Paperback, 80+ pages, profusely illustrated. Order from:

Each volume in this series contains a set of 26 hand-drawn mazes – one for each letter of the alphabet – that are quite lovely just as simple illustrations, but also invite you to reach for a pencil, whether you consider yourself a maze person or not. Meiro kodo translates from Japanese as “maze code,” and as you trace a path from the Start, you make your way to one of several symbols on the page, and this symbol, once identified by your arrival, relates to a code that creates a secondary puzzle in the form of a secret message that is revealed only by solving all the maze puzzles. These are followed by worksheets for the embedded code, and finally the coded message itself. Answers to the mazes are provided at the back, but the artist/author, Stephanie Quanel, suggests only turning to them as a last resort as all the mazes are solvable and each has only one solution.

Of course, I had to have a go. I wound my pencil through the pathways and, somewhat to my surprise, found my way to the symbol that let me start solving the code. Now I want to pull out my coloured pencils to add my own touch to the black and white pages – the mazes are that pretty! And like any hand drawn puzzle, they feel different, more organic, than computer variants. They don’t get boring, nor do they feel as coldly frustrating. I can’t explain why, but they feel quite relational as my mind bends to follow the artist’s imagination. I enjoyed the mindfulness required to solve her entertaining and intriguing puzzles, and felt my own creativity stirring as I worked through these books.


Kimberly Saward

Caerdroia - Edition 47 - the Journal of Mazes & Labyrinths

I enjoy the level of challenge it provides.  I like to pick up where I just left off as it has a way of luring you back in again.  Great brain teaser for the young and old alike.  I highly recommend it!

Adam L.

We had brought the first book of Meirokodo on vacation with us, although I had actually started doing the mazes before we had left. I found a some of the puzzles challenging, and they range in difficulty throughout the books.

My son Anthony (age 14) had also done a few of the puzzles during our vacation, and we both enjoyed doing them. 


Although Anthony seemed to complete some of the puzzles easier than me, I found there were 1 or 2 mazes that were very challenging, and I found I had to stop, and continue them next day.  I was happy that I managed to complete them without having to look at the answer key in the back of the book!  

I imagine the intricacy of these puzzles must take hours for the artist to complete.  These books are very well done!

-Debbie F.


MeiroKodo is relaxing and easy to play.  Great variety of challenge levels as some are easier and some are more difficult.  Great way to pass time and relieve stress!  Keeps your brain active and develops patience.

- F.T.

I really like the way the mazes make you search for the right symbol for the letter of the alphabet that each maze starts with.  This is such a cool concept!  It makes deciphering the message at the end more challenging because it's written in these symbols.

I like to draw mazes too, and I find these mazes are detailed and artistic.  I also find these books are done in a very high quality of print.


Jules C.

Having done Vol 1 & 2 and I thoroughly enjoyed both books. So the likelihood of getting Vol 3 that just came out is high. I know these mazes will lead me thro' the whole process to another dimension, toward the end of the journey to find another beautiful poem, an excellent book to find inspiration, keep your focus, the pleasure and anticipation of what lies in the end. With loads of surprises, it's engaging, satisfying and will keep you wanting more. Its no secret that I was amazed to find a lovely poem waiting. Thank you for creating a special something that we don't need a screen to stare into but an actual hand-held book to hold onto. Thank you Stephanie, the author who makes this happens! xxx

Teresa C.

Do you like adult coloring books? do you fancy a sudoko or a nice cross or searchword, or just a solid brainteaser? Well this is equal or better. Thinking of how these are hand drawn mazes blows my mind. and the best trick is to pull out a marker or pencil crayon to color in the line you are working on to find your way through the intricate mazes. It actually felt as good and challenging as a brain teaser! The best part is you don't necessarily know where the maze ends-because it has several possibilities, so you can't really cheat (unless you look at the answer pages, but don't! this isn't 8th grade math, seriously let yourself be challenged and have fun).
If that isn't cool enough, getting to color and work through a super fun book of mazes that's way better than anything on the kid's menu you stole from Denny's, you actually get to correspond your maze findings to unlock a code, and discover a phrase. so it's really a bit of a project to keep your mind busy. This was more fun than many adult coloring or dollar store brainteaser books I have enjoyed in the past. The book is beautiful and well done and totally worth the investment in fun and challenge! it is authors like this one who simply are trying to make the world a better place one smile at a time. BUY THIS BOOK!


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