Wisdom Wednesday

Updated: Nov 17, 2019


Do you speak Greek? This is the Greek word for ENCRYPTION, and is pronounced:


No matter what language you speak, when you stop to think about it, learning other languages are like learning a new, secret code. The symbols we use can be so varied from one language to the next, but in the end the things we communicate to each other about, are the same things from one country to the next. We all talk about love, work, our families, the weather, etc.

MeiroKodo uses code symbols for its secret coded messages that you solve for at the end of each volume. How do you crack the code in each book? By solving each of the 26 mazes first.

Each maze starts with a letter of the English alphabet, and ultimately ends with one correct symbol (although each maze has decoy symbols too). Once you've discovered what symbol represents which letter in the message, you can decipher the secret message written with these symbols at the end of the book.


And the messages are something you can't get anywhere else but with MeiroKodo. They are original, unique, and MUCH MUCH more, just like the entire MeiroKodo concept is.

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