The Secrecy Of Codes

There's so many different kinds of codes and ciphers out there, that it's impossible to know exactly how many exist. When you stop to think of it, even languages across the world are each in themselves their own kind of code. This doesn't include all the known codes that exist, or the unknown ones.

Did you ever make up your own secret code? This came in handy when you were communicating with someone and you didn't want anyone to find out what you were talking about, or when you were trying to keep track of something for yourself, but didn't want anyone else to know about it (like maybe a diary or Christmas shopping list).

This picture shows a common code system where the letters of the English alphabet are swapped for a symbol they reside in.

Did you know MeiroKodo incorporates the art of code-breaking in a very unique and fun way? With MeiroKodo you have to solve a series of 26 mazes (one for each letter of the alphabet) in order to decipher the secret code in each book, and after doing this, you can solve an encrypted message at the end of the puzzles.

How cool is this????

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