The Magic Of Mazes

No doubt that the concept of mazes has fascinated mankind throughout the ages. They’ve been used in spirituality, games, and art.

Mazes represent a chaotic and complex, yet totally interconnected, design. The mystery of mazes can (in part) be contributed to the fact that for every decision taken, there is a path forsaken. With this comes the wonderment (and panic) of the unknown… and of the idea that escape may elude you.

There are may types of digital and generative art these days as technology and the internet grow at an exponential rate.

MeiroKodo is a maze concept and experience that is completely organic. MeiroKodo is also art from start to finish also, and offers a whole lot more than just mazes to think about. MeiroKodo is mazes, and much, much more.

Have you tried MeiroKodo?

MeiroKodo can be purchased online at the following:

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