The First Step

Everyone can relate to these words no matter who you are, where you're at, what you want, or when you were born. Sometimes the first step - that first move you make - can be the most difficult. This is usually because we see the whole journey ahead of us, which may look impossible. Step by step though, we get there.

When you look at the Messages of MeiroKodo, they can look impossible to decipher since they are all written with cryptic symbols. But page by page, puzzle by puzzle, after you solve each maze, the correlated letters that each symbol relates to slowly becomes revealed.

So take that first step, and make that first move! And don't always look at everything all at once when you're starting out. While you're at it, pick up your copies of MeiroKodo too! Not only can MeiroKodo help you practice this technique, but you'll have a lot of fun, AND you'll get something unique and original with MeiroKodo that you just can't get anywhere else.

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