The EYES Have It!

Cognitive Impairment is something none of us want to think about, and certainly something none of us want to see our loved ones experience.

Whether through an accident or a condition (like Parkinson’s Disease, for example), this disorder can certainly be life-altering.

Did you know that how fast your eyes move could predict cognitive impairment? Fast eye movements are called saccades, and these movements are what shift visual focus for things like reading and visual searching.

One of the best things for exercising eye movements are mazes - specifically the Mazes of MeiroKodo - due to their unique design and intricate pathways.

Unlike the side-to-side movements you get with just reading, the Mazes of Meirokodo also instill unique up-down, diagonal, and circular eye motions as well.

Plus Meirokodo not only helps with your side-to-side reading, but also with your vocabulary! How is that even possible? Because Meirokodo offers a lot more than just mazes.

Meirokodo is art, Meirokodo is unique and original, and Meirokodo is fun!

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