The Cryptic Bitcoin

Have you ever heard of cryptocurrency? This digital money has been labeled as the money of the future. The concept of cryptocurrency started with BITCOIN, which is the first digital currency that was created. What's unique about this digital money is that it is peer-to-peer. No banks are necessary. The concept of cryptocurrency is that it is completely decentralized and only involves the sender and receiver.

Bitcoin is symbolized like a dollar sign, but instead of the letter S with the line(s) through it, Bitcoin is symbolized by the letter B instead. Although not widely used yet, Bitcoin is slowly breaking through the world of financial transacting, and becoming a more utilized form of value to use.

Did you know you can purchase MeiroKodo with Bitcoin? MeiroKodo is sold on Amazon and there are items on Amazon you can purchase with your Bitcoin through the Bitcoin SuperStore. Head over to the BUY section on the MeiroKodo website to learn more.


www.bitcoin.COM is owned by the founder of BitcoinCASH. BitcoinCASH is NOT the same as Bitcoin. Please do not be fooled in thinking that by going to www.bitcoin.COM that you are on the official BitCoin website.

To visit the official and real Bitcoin site, got to www.bitcoin.ORG.

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