Have you ever heard of steganography?

Simply put, this is the art of hidden writing. The best forms hide messages right out in the open by using innocent and everyday objects to carry a message.

Here are some examples:

A message might be written on paper, coated with wax, and swallowed to conceal it, only to be regurgitated later.

A message may be tattooed on the shaved head of a messenger, and then waiting for the hair to regrow to cover up the ink.

A once-popular technique in England was to use a newspaper with tiny dots under letters on the front page indicating which ones should be read to spell out the message.

A message might be spelled out using the first letter of every word, or by using invisible ink.

During conflicts, rival countries have been able to shrink writing down so tiny that an entire page of text becomes the size of a pixel - which is easily missed by prying eyes.

But here's the thing.... since the messages actually are right out in the open, steganography is actually best used in conjunction with a code or cipher, since hidden messages always carry the risk of being found.

MeiroKodo actually is a code-based puzzle concept. Solve all the mazes to decipher the secret code, and then you can decode the encrypted message waiting for you at the end. How cool is this?

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