Start Or Finish?

Do you like starting something more than finishing it, or finishing something before you start again on something new? Everyone has their own way of approaching things.

The thing about mazes and labyrinths, they're very different. With a labyrinth you have a starting point that you HAVE to begin with, because the end point is in the centre of the labyrinth. And you can't get to the centre of a labyrinth without starting from the outside first.

With mazes, there is usually a start and an end, but you with mazes you can cheat and work your way from the end back to the start as well.

MeiroKodo is almost a combination of these two concepts put together. How? The Mazes of MeiroKodo have a starting point in each puzzle, but there are multiple endings, and only one of them is right.

By beginning at the starting point and figuring your way through until you get to the ending, you'll save time and effort rather than trying to cheat by working your way from the end to the start. This is because you just don't know which ending point is the right one to begin with. And with MeiroKodo once you start, you can't get to an incorrect ending either, which is pretty cool.

Solving the mazes lets you decipher a code hidden in the mazes, and once you have THAT, you can solve the encrypted message waiting for you at the end of each Volume of MeiroKodo too. Now THAT is cool too!

Do you like puzzles? Do you like having fun? Check out MeiroKodo - it's a unique experience page after page, and what you get with MeiroKodo is something you just can't get anywhere else.

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