Most Challenging MAZE Puzzle

Some of us LOVE super difficult, ultra-challenging, mind-bending puzzles. Some of like a more subdued approach to puzzle fun.

This puzzle book was initially created in 1985 as part of a contest to win $10,000. The book gives you the impression of moving within a house from one room to another, with the goal being to get to room #45 (page 45 of the book) and back to the beginning again, all in 16 steps. Not only that, but there was a riddle that had to be solved within the book as well.

This proved to be a wickedly difficult and time-consuming task, and ultimately took 2 years before someone finally won. The original deadline to solve this puzzle book was extended as no one had been able to accomplish this task within the initial guidelines of the contest.

If you're more into puzzle books of a less intense nature, and you love mazes, then check out MEIROKODO! You get mazes, you get a secret code, and you get an encrypted message to decipher at the end.

The answer keys to the mazes are in the backs of the MeiroKodo book series, but not to the messages. This is because once you know what symbol represents which letter of the alphabet (which you discover as you solve the mazes), then you can easily decipher the messages on their own.

Plus the message is something you get with MeiroKodo that you just can't get anywhere else too! They are part of the signature trademark of MeiroKodo in that they are original and unique, and they are art - just like each of the maze puzzles.

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