Mazes In Medicine

Did you know that mazes are an exceptional tool for many emotional and health benefits? These range from eye tracking, improving cognitive thought, spatial development, improving memory, boosting patience and persistence, developing focus, and effecting a calming state. Plus mazes are just fun!

Did you know the Mazes of MeiroKodo also have a special twist to them? (pun intended!)

With the Messages of MeiroKodo at the end of each puzzle book, there is an encrypted message for you to decipher. The benefits here range from improved language learning skills, cognitive development, memory, and increased attention, just to name a few. Plus discovering what a secret message says, is just fun, too!

And that's the great thing about MeiroKodo - you get the benefit of both of these all in one, and it is THIS that is the MeiroKodo concept. Mesmerizing mazes - a secret, encoded message.... twice the benefits - twice the fun - and all for you.

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Photo Credit: Hal Gatewood via Unsplash

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