Mazeriffic Monday!

So many of us live in cities, now. Have you ever noticed that the streets, the alleys, bridges, tunnels, metros routes, train routes - everything - about cities mimics a maze? Even the buildings we design with their floor plans, hallways, corridors, and rooms.

The way we construct our environment proves that we are a species inherently drawn to mazes. Almost like it's in our DNA; in our subconscious.

Solving mazes can be a lot of fun! And at the same time, there's something peaceful that comes with wandering and exploring too. Have you heard of MeiroKodo? MeiroKodo combines solving mazes along with decrypting a secret code along the way.

MeiroKodo is a puzzle book concept, and each book contains a secret message at the end written in a unique code. Solve all the mazes in the book first, and you can decipher the message at the end. How cool is this?

To learn more and get your copies, please visit:

Photo Credit: Patrick Perkins via UnSplash

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