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Did you know the study of nature's mazes - known as CAVES - is called speleogy? There are 8 primary different types of caves:

1) Glacier Caves - these are cool! These are formed by melting glacier waters that seep down through the glacier, and melts it at the bottom right down to the ground. These can form long and intricate passageways where the top and walls are ice, and the bottom is earth

2) Sea Caves - formed by the waves on coastlines

3) Eolian Caves - carved out by wind into cliffs and rocks, and usually found in desert areas

4) Rock Shelters - these are made when a soluble type of rock is eroded from within a non-soluble type of rock, basically forming room-like formation.

5) Talus Caves - formed by fallen rocks that lie on top of each other. Think of fallen boulders as the bottom of mountain here

6) Primary Caves - these are caves formed at the same time as the rest of the landscape, and are not eroded into the land. Think of lava cave formations - these are known as Primary Caves

7) Solution Caves - formed when groundwater seeps down to soluble rocks, such as limestone, and erodes it away. Types can include types such as marble, gypsum, chalk , salt , and dolomite. Limestone caves are especially beautiful as they can form an impressive amount of stalactites (pillars formed from the top down) and stalagmites (pillars formed from the bottom up)

Do you like exploring passageways and tunnels? Do you like finding your way through unknown twists and turns? Are you not near or able to get out to a cave?

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