Comical Codes

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

When we think of secret messages we usually think of private, encrypted messages that have important and serious information in them.... messages that could cause sever detriment if they fell in to the wrong hands.

Usually this is the case, but not always. Secret messages and codes are also used for some pretty fun and pretty cool stuff!

Take for instance these 35 funny hidden and secret messages found on the Bored Panda website by clicking HERE. These messages are delivered by very clever and very unique means, and they are downright hilarious!

And did you know MeiroKodo also uses secret codes? These codes are used to deliver encrypted messages at the end of each of the MeiroKodo puzzle books. These messages are fun, inspiring, unique, and original.

Do you like solving secret codes and discovering mysterious, secret messages? Do you like having fun? Then be sure to check out;

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