3D Printing

How cool is this?

With technology making such a grand entrance into our lives these days, 3D printing is just one field of it that we are just learning to use.

The above maze-like piece was created by Emerging Objects. These guys are 3D printing items using a whole slew of materials including Cement Polymer, wood, chocolate, paper, salt, Nylon and acrylic.

Even with technology advancing as quickly as it is these days, nothing beats the human touch to things that we do though, especially when it comes to art.

Have you heard of MeiroKodo? MeiroKodo is puzzle art and word art from start to finish. MeiroKodo is also fun and inspiration all wrapped up into one.

Do you like having fun? Do you appreciate inspiration when you find it? If your answer is YES to either of these questions, then check out MeiroKodo for more info at:


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