A Defining Point

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Do you know what the definition of the word "MAZE" is?

We all know WHAT a maze actually IS, but do you know what the word "maze" itself MEANS?

The word "maze" dates back to the 13th century, and it comes from the Middle English word mæs - which means delirium or delusion.

A maze will have several branching pathways through it, unlike a labyrinth (which only has one winding path to the centre of the puzzle). Mazes are typically designed for you to solve your way out of, whereas a labyrinth is designed for you to wind your way in to the very middle.

MeiroKodo, however, is unique - because it offers mazes with a twist! You still have to find your way from start to finish, but each Maze of MeiroKodo will bring you one step closer to cracking a secret code. Once you crack the code, you can then solve the secret message waiting for you at the back of the book.

How cool is this?

Currently, there are 3 published volumes of MeiroKodo, with more in production.

MeiroKodo is art. MeiroKodo is original. MeiroKodo is unique. But most of all, MeiroKodo is fun! To learn more and to get your copies, please visit:



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