Turn Around Bright Eyes

There can be so much pressure these days to do everything perfectly, but the reality is, we are all imperfect. Not everything we do is going to be right on the first try.

Also, sometimes we have to practice doing things over and over before we finally "get the hang of it."

But it's actually that journey towards doing the best we can and trying to find our way where you can have the most fun.

This is especially indicative with the Mazes of MeiroKodo! One thing to try is using a different colour of pen or pencil for each pathway you explore. The more times you have to change your direction and start on a different path, the more colourful and beautiful each maze puzzle you go through will look in the MeiroKodo book series.

And MeiroKodo is more that just a bunch of mazes. There's a secret message to decipher at the end which you will only be able to do once you've solved all the mazes. How cool is that?

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