Mystery Maze

As far as crop mazes go, this mystery maze has to be one of the most unique! As you can see by the image here, there seem to be multiple target points in the maze to reach in order to arrive at a solution.

This crop maze is not unlike the MeiroKodo concept to some degree, because with MeiroKodo, each maze has multiple endings, but only one will be right. The best part is, you can't cheat with MeiroKodo by working your way from the end in each maze, because you simply won't know which ending is the right ending when you start. It would likely take you longer to solve each puzzle if you try to work backwards.

Another great thing with MeiroKodo is, you won't end up on an incorrect ending by mistake either. Just stay in the lines of the passageways, and you'll find the right solution.

Lastly, the Mazes of MeiroKodo come to YOU! With any outside attraction, you have to make the journey. With MeiroKodo, the mazes are delivered right to you, but will take you on an unexpected journey at the same time, How? Because MeiroKodo gives you something you ABSOLUTELY cannot get anywhere else. And it's something specifically for YOU. You might be asking now HOW that can even be possible....?

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