A Mysterious Maze

Caves are not only generally associated with mystery and darkness due to their nature, but also because of the history many tend to have. Outlaw hangouts, illegal gravesites, unorthodox ritual sites, and more...

In particular, the Popol Vuh Caves in Mexico are known as an underground and seemingly endless maze of tunnels, passageways, and caverns that hide many ancient Mayan temples, human bones, and several artifacts.

Some of these passages are submerged in water, and the Mayans believed the caves were a portal where dead souls entered the underworld. The K'iche Mayans called this place Xibalba (pronounced Shee-bal-ba), which translates to "place of fright." It held much fear for the Mayans as they did not believe in the ideas that leading a righteous and good life would grant them aversion from the eternal torment of this place upon their death. They believed only by dying a violent death could one escape the fate of Xibalba when entering the afterlife.

The good new is, not all mazes are symbolic of unending terror and pain. Mazes themselves are in reality, very fun to wander through and get lost in. From corn mazes, to mirror mazes, to video games and even books. And the best thing about mazes in print, is that they can come to you.

Have you heard of the Mazes of MeiroKodo?

MeiroKodo offers more than just simple mazes to solve. With MeiroKodo you have to solve the mazes in each volume in order to crack the secret code and decipher the encrypted message waiting for you at the end of each book. And the cool thing is, each message is written specifically for YOU. Ready to learn more?

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