Have you heard of MazeWorld?

MazeWorld is a fantasy story which ran from 1996 - 1999, and was originally created for a British sci-fi comic magazine. It was about a man who gets executed and then finds himself in a world of mazes after he dies.

What do you think of this analogy? Would being in a world of mazes be Heaven for you, or Hell?

Certainly not every type of puzzle out there is something every person in the world will like. Some people love crossword puzzles, and some people hate them. Some love number puzzles, and some don't. And of course, some people love mazes, and some people do not.

How about you?

If you do love mazes, then you're at the right place! MeiroKodo is a book series containing mazes that are each artistically created by hand, and offer you something more that you just can't get anywhere else. MeiroKodo offers mazes with a special twist!

So if you love solving secret codes and messages, and you like wandering through a maze to see how fast you can figure it out, then be sure to check out MeiroKodo! The Messages of MeiroKodo are just like the mazes - you simply can't get what MeiroKodo gives you anywhere else.

You can learn more and order your copies by going to:


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