Math Maze

Have you ever heard of the ABEL Prize?

This is an award established in 2002 given to individuals for their outstanding scientific work in the field of mathematics.

This year the labyrinth created by mathematician Hans Munthe-Kaas of the University of Bergen in Norway will be featured during the Able Prize celebration.

How cool is this garden maze? You don't have to be a math genius to appreciate the design and artistic beauty of this botanical wonder. For the design Hans used an underlying lattice of hexagon patterns with a mirror symmetry so that the designs head off in opposite directions wherever they meet.

The walls of the maze are made of yew trees, including several potted yews that can be moved around to change the arrangement of the maze if desired.

Haans calls his maze the Archimedes Labyrinth, and it occupies 800 square meters! (WOW!) It's located near the Bergen airport - which makes it a sight easily appreciated from the air as well as on the ground.

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