Not Just For Us!

Truly mazes aren't just for people... even our pets are getting in to the fun with us!

Pictured here you can see the backyard maze one homeowner created for his pet pooch out of the snow accumulation in his area. How awesome is this? And it was noted that his dog had so much fun, that he actually spent hours out in the backyard running through all the pathways over and over.

Mazes are fun, and some can be more challenging than others depending on their difficulty level. The benefits of solving mazes has been noted in science for several years, and the great thing is, we're still discovering other new ways how they're advantageous to us (and to our pets!).

So if you live somewhere that doesn't have snowy weather, have no fear!

MeiroKodo offers mazes with an extra twist - the Mazes of MeiroKodo allow you to solve a secret message at the end of each volume by solving the mazes throughout the book first. And although MeiroKodo may not be suitable for your pets, it offers all the fun and benefits of maze-solving for you, plus a lot more.

To get your copies and learn more, be sure to visit:

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