Totally A-maze-ING!

Not often do we meet an artist whose work can hit us with such a profound impression, but today MeiroKodo is proud to introduce maze-maker PIERRE CROIZIER.

Pierre lives in Campagne-sur-Aude, France, and since he was a little boy, Pierre has been drawing mazes. But now he has created his first "model," and it is totally epic! The maze model, which was planned out on paper first, comprises several different boards made independently by design, and then are fitted together. Different inspirations attribute to the painting and colours of each board, so each board means something unique to Pierre.

Ultimately the maze model will measure 27 m² (WOW!) and is comprised of 108 boards total, and Pierre guarantees there is only one solution from start to finish.

Currently there are 9 boards left to be done, which translates to about 9 months of work left still yet to do for Pierre. The total time spent to complete this for him will be 7 years. Pierre says he plans to live to be 100years old, so being half-way there, luckily for us this should give him enough time to make more of his astounding puzzle-work for us.

You can find Pierre online at:


Under the name Labyrinthe Croizier

InstaGram: labyrinthearth


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