A Manitoba Maze!

In Manitoba, Canada, a farming couple has built an incredibly massive snow maze on their property, making this their first season to introduce the frosty fun to maze-goers in the winter. In summer and fall, the farm has hosted a viable corn maze to wander through for the past several years as well.

Clint and Angie Masse own and operate A Maze In Corn on their property in Saint Adolphe, MB, but this year they decided to do something different! The walls of the snow maze are built with wood frames and then packed with snow, and they stand 6-1/2 feet tall. The walls are also 2-1/2 feet thick, and the maze is on its way to potentially being the largest snow maze is with an internal distance of 4200 feet long.

Visitors average 45-60 minutes in solving the maze, and it's no argument that this maze is totally COOL in more ways than one!

Can't get to Manitoba to see this? Do you love mazes and solving fun puzzles? Are you ready for something different?

Then check out MeiroKodo and get your copies online. With MeiroKodo, the maze comes to you! And MeiroKodo is much more than just solving a maze - your cryptic code-solving skills will be put to use also in order to decipher the secret message at the end of each book.



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