All Who Wander

Sometimes the best thing you can do is start your journey with no plan or end game in sight, and just go! Let Fate take the reins and see where path takes you.

We're usually so busy planning and coordinating and scheduling, that we oftentimes forget this approach instead can bring about the most meaningful and unexpected journey, full of surprises, wonder, and self-discovery.

To a degree, mazes are like this, but more specifically, MeiroKodo is DEFINITELY like this. With MeiroKodo you get more than just wandering through a maze. You get something unexpected that you just can't get anywhere else. Plus the Mazes of MeiroKodo aren't like the typical mazes you see out there - each is hand drawn by a master maze artist and crafted in a way that is very different than the standard puzzles currently available.

Do you like embarking on unexpected journeys? Do you like having fun? Then check out MeiroKodo! You can learn more and get your copies here:


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