The Maze Artists' Community

There is truly a huge number of maze artists that are out there sharing their work, passion, and vision for the rest of us. Some mazes have messages - others have themes - some are funny - some are serious... the variety is endless. Why? Because every maze artist doesn't create in the exact same way. Just as singers each have their own voice, so does each maze artist have their own style.

Have you heard of Matthew Prater and his Maze Artists' Community? Mathew is an artist himself, and through his website (see below) he is bringing maze artists around the world together in a compiled collective of skill, artistry, humour, insight, and talent.

In fact, one of his latest additions is MEIROKODO!

Want to learn more? You can find Matthew online not only at his website, but also on his YouTube channel and FaceBook page as well. Be sure to like, follow, and share!


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