The Right Way

When you order MeiroKodo for delivery, it's not guaranteed that DHL might be the carrier, but no doubt if they are, you're going to be in good hands!

Let's face it, if you take an aerial view of any city, the roads and streets look very much like a maze. This advertisement is exceptionally clever in conveying their message.

And it seems so appropriate in that solving the mazes that comprise any city must be done in order to get the Mazes of MeiroKodo delivered to you.

Do you like mazes and puzzles? Well, there's good news! MeiroKodo is more than just a book of mazes; with MeiroKodo you get incredibly artistic mazes, AND something more that you just can't get anywhere else. Plus MeiroKodo makes a great gift!

To learn more and get your copies, go to:


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