Terrifying Tunnels

Halloween is undoubtably the most popular time of the year that we love to experience spooky corn mazes, haunted houses, scary movies, and terrifying tales of disaster. But the truth is, scary things happen all the time - not just at Halloween. We just don't always hear about them.

The maze-like mining shafts all around the world are excellent examples of this. Just in the USA alone for the last century only, there were 104,389 recorded deaths due to mining incidents. And the youngest victim was only 11 years old.

These deaths have occurred from men being buried alive from tunnel collapses, explosions from rock blasting, falls, mining equipment fatalities, and of course, murders. Let's face it, if you don't like someone you work with, and you're alone with them in such a safety-compromising work environment like a mine, well hey, you just might have some options for eradicating that difficult working relationship in a way no one would really question too much. Problem solved.

Mines are notorious for the eerie sounds, sights, and things that are reported to happen in them. Ghostly voices, phantom apparitions, and things like equipment being moved when no one was around. Mines are infamous for being reported as haunted, and that might make sense due to the fact that mining deaths are definitely a violent and tragic way to die.

Many mines are closed now leaving ghost towns in their wake, but some are still open - and people are still dying in them - even today. So if you're looking for a frightening experience this Halloween, skip the haunted houses, bypass the corn mazes, and maybe try your luck exploring some abandoned mine tunnels for an hour or two with your flashlight.

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