Underground Maze

Have you heard of the Odessa Catacombs?

These dark tunnels are an extremely complex maze that runs underground the city of Odessa in the Ukraine.

The passages span over 2,500 kilometres, and are the largest tunnel network in the world - surpassing even the more famous London, Paris, and Sicily catacombs.

The very beginnings of these passages are dated back to the 1600s, but the real network of tunnels didn't start to grow until the 1800s. Then, in WWII they were used as a hideout by the Ukrainian rebels and Partisans. After the war the maze was expanded by criminal groups, and today it's actually still being enlarged - this time by miners.

Besides being underground, the tunnels have another dark side to them also. Deaths have been recorded in the underground network, and it's assumed people have wandered in and were never able to find their way out. There has also been bodies found stashed in the catacombs that indicate the victims were murdered, with the bodies more than likely put there in the hopes they would not be discovered any time soon.

Because of its immense size and complicated network of tunnels and passages, even today the maze has not been completely mapped, and since the area is being mined today and the tunnel network is growing, it's unsure that the catacombs and maze tunnels may ever be mapped completely. Shown here are images of part of the tunnels, and a part of the map of them.

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