Building A Maze

Mazes are everywhere in our society today - from books, drawings, paintings, hedges, flowers, cornfields, mirror-maze attractions, and even architecture.

The building pictured here is a great example of how much mazes are appreciated still today, not only for their challenging and fun sense of puzzlement, but also for the artistic appreciation of their design and prospective originality.

The Mazes of MeiroKodo are no different. MeiroKodo is a book series that offers unique and original hand-drawn mazes by a master maze artist... plus there's an added twist that also involves cracking a secret code throughout each volume. By solving all the mazes, you'll be able to solve the secret code hidden in each book. This ultimately allows you to decipher the secret message waiting for you at the end of each volume.

Pretty cool, huh?

And the amazing thing is, each message is unique and original too. Each message is also written JUST FOR YOU.

You might be wondering how THAT can even be possible. Well, to learn more and get your copies of MeiroKodo, just simply visit:


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