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No doubt the acquisition of information is what sets us free. Knowledge is power.

Books have always been the primary resources for this, whether they are online today or still in their original "print on paper" form.

But books are also good for more than just acquiring knowledge. They can also help you develop a series of skillsets.

Puzzle books are particularly great for this too. Books aren't all about studying... they can be fun too!

And while the automation of online puzzlebooks and games offers something in the sense of convenience, it does relinquish the true depth of what the challenge of manual games and puzzles really give you.

Think of it this way.... when your grandmother would make you breakfast (or any meal, actually), you might remember them as some of the best meals you've ever experienced, right? Hand-made, made from scratch, and delicious!

Nowdays you can go and buy those frozen dinners, those pre-prepped breakfast food items, canned soups, in fact, anything! But none of them sure don't taste like grandma used to make.

Anytime you automate anything, you lose a sense of the essence of what the original thing really was.

And it is this very reason that is one of the things that makes MeiroKodo the unique and special thing that it is. MeiroKodo is a puzzle book series that involves solving a series of mazes in order to solve a secret code and decipher an encrypted message at the end of each volume.

Not only are the puzzles hand-made, but the Messages of MeiroKodo are original, unique, and made especially just for you!

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