Cave Or Cavern?

Some of the best mazes out there (besides MeiroKodo of course!) are nature's mazes.

There are caves and caverns all over the world, but really, what's the difference? The two terms are used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing.

It gets interesting here though:

A cave is any cavity in the ground large enough so that some part of it does NOT receive direct sunlight. A cavern is a specific type of cave, naturally formed in some kind of soluble rock (like limestone or gypsum), with the ability to grow formations.

So, although a cavern can accurately be called a cave (since it is a type of cave), all caves cannot be called caverns. Pretty cool, huh?

The terms for mazes and labyrinths are used interchangeably too, but they are strictly NOT the same. One cannot technically be labeled as the other, because they are technically and completely two different things - although they might look similar.

What's the difference? A maze has branching pathways, whereas a labyrinth has a single pathway.

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