Messages In Mazes

Most of the time when we see mazes they are simply puzzles with winding pathways that require us to use our best navigation skills to solve. This even includes mazes printed on paper - if they are really well drawn.

But there are mazes out there that do incorporate messages right into them, and tourist corn mazes are especially designed for this. For example, take a look at the one pictured here. We can all agree that firefighters are some of our most unsung heroes, and deserve a round of applause from every single one of us.

If solving mazes like these is something you find fun to do, then be sure to check out the Mazes Of MeiroKodo also! MeiroKodo is a book series, which means MeiroKodo is in season all year, and can easily come to you, instead of you having to travel to get to it.

With MeiroKodo, you have to solve a series of mazes to crack the secret code in the book, and by doing this, you will be able to solve the encrypted message waiting for you at the end of each Volume. Sound interesting?

Well the really cool thing also, is that each Message of MeiroKodo is designed just for YOU. You might be asking yourself how that can even be possible, right? To learn more, and to get your copies of MeiroKodo, just go to:


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