Take A Seat

With a chair like this you may not want to actually sit down! Exploring the pathways of the maze design on this chair would definitely be more fun.

Would you be more inclined to follow through the black pathways or the white pathways? Which colour are you?

Perhaps if you're looking for that favourite chair to sit in while you're working on your MEIROKODO books, then this chair might be just the thing to consider for you then.

The Mazes of MeiroKodo offer stand off pathways, meaning that the pathways do not share the same "wall" between them. Each path is offset from other paths, but most mazes out there are not created like this. This is only one aspect that sets MeiroKodo apart from other typical maze puzzles out there.

MeiroKodo also offers a lot more that you just can't get anywhere else too. Curious? To learn more, go to:



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