Lavender Labyrinth

Most of us LOVE lavender! It has a soothing quality, is nice to look at, and the scent is very pleasant to most people. What a great idea to create a labyrinth out of such a wonderful flower!

Labyrinths are soothing in their own right, but mazes can be too. Especially if you use coloured pencils or crayons, and change colours every time you might go down a wrong pathway and have to start over. At the end once you've solved the maze, the effect of the different colours you may have had to use can be beautiful! And we all know colouring is very relaxing.

If you don't have your own lavender labyrinth or live near one, you can still enjoy the soothing effects of MeiroKodo! The mazes are artistic and pleasant to look at, fun and challenging to solve, colouring the mazes is very soothing, and you will get something more from MeiroKodo you just can't get anywhere else at the same time.

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