Fun Fashion

So many maze and labyrinth puzzles only show you the puzzle, but these unique earrings show you the solve path instead through a labyrinth you have to imagine around it all. How cool is this? And they look beautiful too!

With the Mazes of MeiroKodo, the solve sheets for the puzzles in each volume are in the back, but there is no answer key for the Messages of MeiroKodo. Why? Because once you have the mazes solved, you can easily solve the message too with no issue.

And until you do solve all the puzzles, the message is only left to your imagination due to its cryptic script. With MeiroKodo, not only to do you get to solve the maze puzzles, but the message at the end of each volume. And the best part of the messages, is that each one is just for YOU. You might be curious how that can even be possible! Well, to learn more, and to get your copies, just go to:


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