At Any Time

With MeiroKodo, it's all about being able to make choices and starting over if your original choice doesn't take you down the path you thought was right.

Each Maze of MeiroKodo has multiple endings, so trying to work your way from the end back to the start is not really worth it.

Only one of the endings is the right ending in each maze. To figure out which ending is right, you begin at the START and just navigate to your best ability to find the right ending.

One thing to do is use a variety of coloured pencils or crayons when solving the mazes, and change colours each time you've made a mistake and go down a different path. The more errors you make, the more colourful and beautiful each maze becomes!

And this shows that MeiroKodo is much like life itself, in that all our mistakes are beautiful, and that you can always start over with anything in life at any moment you choose.

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