Kastellorizo's Blue Cave

No doubt caves are nature's best mazes. Their tunnels and passages have inspired spelunkers for centuries. But not all caves have tunnels. Have you heard of the famous BLUE CAVE in Greece?

This cave is the most celebrated attraction of the Greek island of Kastellorizo, and is located on the southeast coast of the island. It's approximately 40–50m long, 25–30m wide, and 20–25m high.

What makes this cave so unique is its colour, which is how it has its nickname "blue cave." The light of the sun, refracted through the sea, is reflected in the interior of the grotto area, which then produces a dazzling and spectacular blue colour.

You can only get to this cave by boat, and since the entrance is barely one metre high above sea level, you can only get into it under calm sea conditions. The best time of the day to visit is early in the morning, when the sun is still low.

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