Do you know what the word CAERDROIA means?

Well first of all, MeiroKodo has been reviewed in the Caerdroia Edition 47, which today is a publication based out of England.

But historically speaking, and according to Wikipedia, the word caerdroia was used to describe the Welsh turf mazes that were commonly created in the sevenfold Cretan labyrinth design. They were made by shepherds on hilltops and were apparently used for ritual dances. At the centre of each caerdroia was a small hillock — which in Welsh is called a twmpath. Today, a gathering for folk dancing in Wales is known as a Twmpath Dawns.

And in today's times, now Caerdroia is known as the name of the Journal of Mazes & Labyrinths, which is published annually by the founders of - Jeff and Kimberly Saward.

Caerdroia covers information, history, ideas, and much more about labyrinths and mazes - from the earliest rock carvings and artifacts through to the modern mazes and labyrinths of today.

To learn more about Labyrinthos and Caerdroia, be sure visit their website! There is an astounding wealth of intriguing and captivating information there, which is very well assembled and presented.

To learn more about MEIROKODO, visit:

You can read Caerdroia's review for MeiroKodo by going to the TESTIMONIALS section on the MeiroKodo website, or by picking up EDITION 47 from the Labyrinthos website:


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