A Twist To Stranger Things

Do you like cool and unusual things?

The hit show STRANGER THINGS airing since 2016 on NetFlix has definitely made an impact to audiences and viewers everywhere... so much so, that Exploration Acres in Indiana has dedicated their corn maze theme this year to the TV show.

How awesome is this?

This maze is 15-acres large, which is roughly the size of 10 football fields, and has 10 miles of pathways to wander and wind through. Even if you haven't seen the show, you can definitely appreciate this incredible maze!

What do you do though, if you love unique mazes, but you're not in Indiana, which is where the show is based and where this maze is located?

You can still enjoy the unique and fun mazes of MeiroKodo! MeiroKodo can come to you, and MeiroKodo offers something you just can't get anywhere else.

To get your copies and learn more, visit:



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