MeiroKodo Headquarters!

If there were ever a building totally suited as the headquarters for MeiroKodo, this would probably be it! This is actually NOT a picture of a real building, though. But the concept is very cool! Especially since the image replicates the online avatar for MeiroKodo so well.

This digital image was created by the company SpicyH as part of a marketing campaign for the security company IT WORKS. The security company (which is based out of Thailand) makes fingerprint software and panels, and the picture made its entrance into social media several years ago with many believing the image was real. It was verified by Architect Weekly in early 2013 that the building was only an illustration, though.

With the Mazes of MeiroKodo, THOSE are illustrations that are real. Each maze image is in itself, a work of art - just as a beautifully designed building can be. But the Mazes of MeiroKodo offer more than just something to look at. Each puzzle is fun and challenging to solve, and each one ultimately helps you solve a secret code and decipher an encrypted message at the end of every volume of MeiroKodo. How cool is THAT?

To get your copies of MeiroKodo, and to learn more about the creation, development, and author of this amazing concept, please visit:

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