Happy Father's Day

In an earlier MeiroKodo blog post, the incredible story of an intricate, hand-drawn maze was showcased and pictured.

The maze was created by Kazuo Nomura, a Japanese janitor, and the original maze he drew - which took him 7 years to complete BTW - stayed hidden in his attic for several years. It was a work of art - and also a work of love - because he had created it to leave for his daughter. But she found it, and posted a picture of it on Twitter.

In following up from that original blog post, did you know that after she found that maze, she asked her dad to make her a 2nd maze ,.... which at first, he adamantly refused to do.


Eventually he did start his 2nd maze (the things a father's love can inspire a man to do!), and this time it only took him 2 months to complete. The lines are crisper, and the 2nd maze is less dense, which makes it easier to solve.

These mazes are an awesome act of love by a father for his daughter, and these are just one small example of just how incredible dads really are.

So today, here's simply wishing a very HAPPY FATHER's DAY to all the AMAZING dads out there, and a BIG thank you to all of you for all the things you do.



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