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Did you know that next year at Singapore's Changi Airport there will be an incredibly awesome hedge maze built right inside - and just in front of - Air Terminal 1? Other attractions will also be included, and the area is called The Jewel.

The hedge maze is being created by maze artist Adrian Fisher, and the hedges will be 6-feet tall! Included will also be a lookout tower so you can get a bird's eye view of the maze once you're in it.

How cool is this?

The only danger may be either not being able to find your way out in time for your flight, or simply not wanting to leave because you'll be having so much fun exploring each twist and turn.

If you love mazes, then check out MeiroKodo! With the mazes of MeiroKodo you'll also be solving secret codes, deciphering encrypted messages, and discovering something you just can't find anywhere else, too, And ultimately, MeiroKodo would be good practice before you might undertake a "life-size" maze like the one at The Jewel.

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