Amazing AmazeMe Maze

This is probably one of the most completely literal indications of how you can get lost with a good book!

Pictured here is an exhibit of The aMAZEme labyrinth, which was constructed with thousands of tomes that will literally make you lose yourself in books. The exhibit was created by Brazilian artists Marco Saboya and Gualter Pupo, and the installation was constructed in 4 days with the help of over 50 volunteers. (WOW!)

The display had been installed in London’s Royal Festival Hall as part of the Southbank Centre’s Festival of the World. The installation directed visitors through meandering walls of stacked books and into discovering new textures, images and emotions of the written word.

This London maze was built from 250, 000 used and new books, most of which were loaned and returned after the exhibit. FunFact: the layout of the installation was in the shape of Jorge Luis Borges’ own fingertips.

To make the artwork more interactive, visitors were also provided with an accompanying audio tour that guided them through the meticulously mapped book titles.

The attraction ran for 12 weeks until August 25, in 2012. All of the books were given to Oxfam once the maze was deconstructed, with the funds from the project being used for work fighting poverty around the world.

You can read more about the AmazeMe Maze here:


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