Where To Begin?

Sometimes when we're about to start something new, it can be difficult to figure out just where to begin. Getting started is half the battle, so they say.

One of the really great things about MeiroKodo is that you don't have to figure how to begin - you just start. And solving the Mazes of MeiroKodo are not only fun and relaxing, but they offer a different concept not found with other mazes out there, because of their endings.

In solving the mazes in each book, one by one, you ultimately discover the symbols you need to decipher an encrypted message at the end of the Volume. How awesome is this?

Solving the mazes definitely requires you to use your best judgement when choosing which path is the right path, but what if you make a mistake?

Well here's a cool idea: if you go down a wrong path while you're winding your way through, simply change colours of the - pencil / crayon / whatever - you're using. The more mistakes you might make finding your way to the right ending in the maze (spoiler alert!! There are decoy endings!), the better and more colourful the maze will look when you're done!

Not only that, but the Messages of MeiroKodo are only published at the back of each Volume, so in solving these messages, you simply get something you just can't get anywhere else. And each message is not only personally written by the author, but it's written PERSONALLY for YOU.

How is that even possible? To learn more, go to:



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