Technology TakeOver?

With technology encompassing our daily lives to the extent it is, you might be thinking that books... the real kind with actual pages and a cover... will soon be a thing of the past. We have Kindles, Kobos, and other electronic readers now. And with that, actual book stores would then become a thing of the past too, right?

Maybe you thought the same thing with email putting the Post Office out of business, or NetFlix replacing movie theatres...?

Without technology, MeiroKodo (and so many other things that we have today) would not exist. Technology is wonderful, helpful, necessary, and even imperative for our survival.

But as great as all the advances are that we have, the experience and necessity of some of the "old-fashioned" things cannot be duplicated with technology. Watching a movie on NetFlix is not the same experience as going out and seeing it in a theatre. Getting something delivered to your mailbox doesn't feel the same as having an email delivered to you. Reading a book on an electronic reader doesn't give you the feel of the weight of the book, or the smell of its pages. There's literally something lost in translation.

So before you overindulge yourself with all things technology, maybe stop and think for a moment. Because too much of a good thing is never a good thing in the end. So rather than watch that video, go out and see a movie instead. Rather than type out that email to your friend, nothing has that personal touch more than a real live hand-written letter to surprise someone and brighten their day. (Imagine how cool it would be getting a nice letter from someone amidst all those crap bills and stupid junk mail!)

And rather than staring at that screen from this device, that device, your laptop, TV, or whatever, give your eyes a break from the screen and pick up a REAL book.

Not sure which one?

Well MeiroKodo is a book that cannot be migrated to the electronic screen. It's a hands-on experience from beginning to end, from the author to you. Even the feel of the cover gives you an experience you can't get from a device.

With MeiroKodo you get something also, that you just can't get anywhere else - even from other books. MeiroKodo is unique and original from start to finish, and is something that hasn't been done before.

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