Brain Games

Do you know someone who suffers from brain injury?

A brain injury can happen to anyone at anytime, and it's usually the result of some kind of trauma, stroke, aneurysm, lack of oxygen, or some other cause.

In one moment everything works - the mind is active and full of ideas and dreams and thoughts... a person can walk and talk with no problem... and can comprehend what someone is saying. Simple things we take for granted like reading, watching TV, getting dressed, driving, cooking, solving problems, making decisions….. these are all things the brain makes easily possible. But with a brain injury, these are difficult - if not completely impossible.

And the road to recovery can be long difficult also.

Have you ever noticed a real picture of the brain actually shows it to look like a maze? Did you know that besides being fun, mazes are GREAT for helping to develop and strengthen the brain? Did you know that solving your way through a well-drawn maze is actually a very soothing and calming activity?

Working through coded messages provides a source of fun and mental benefits also, just like working through mazes can.

Where is the ONLY place you can get both of these, and more?

Check out MEIROKODO and get your copies now! The MeiroKodo series offers all this with each volume, and each volume gives you something special and incredible you just can't get anywhere else, too.

So what are you waiting for?


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