How cool is this? This bus was converted to the piece of art you see now by KELKIN (his signature is at the top right of the bus, just above and to the left of the main bus doors), and the intricacy is astounding - right down to the wheels. This was done on 02 Dec 2017 - just a few months ago!

Would you want to take a ride on a bus like this? What better means of transportation than this to signify the journey you're on, irregardless of where you're heading!

And if you notice - just as with MeiroKodo - this amazing artist also uses various symbols throughout his work to signify different and positive messages to the world.

You can learn more about KELKIN at


...and you can also catch more of his work at:


If you can't find a bus this cool in your city, don't worry! Just get your copy of MEIROKODO and lose yourself in the passageways, symbols, and message that makes up each volume.

Volume 3 will be available in a few days, so be sure to stay tuned for the official announcement.



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