Ready Player One

Have you ever noticed how many times MAZES come in to the scene when it comes to TV shows and movies???

Take for instance the movie READY PLAYER ONE. Rest assured there are no plot spoilers in this post, but have you noticed the background image behind Wade, the main character? In this movie he has to conquer a maze, and that explains the computerized image behind him.

As cool as it is to see the magic of mazes making its appearance onto so many big screen and small screens productions - especially in the last couple of decades - computer generated mazes are not really too much fun due to their repetitive and monotonous pathways.

BUT WAIT! There's finally an answer to this dilemma!

With MeiroKodo, the mazes are hand-crafted and unique with every puzzle. Each is, in itself, its own work of art. Solve the mazes to crack the secret code in each volume, and then you can decipher the encrypted message at the end of the book.

Each message is its own version of art too, and you just can't find anything like the Messages of MeiroKodo anywhere else, either.

So what are you waiting for?

To get your copies and learn more, go to:


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