Spring Is In The Air

With winter slowly fading away and the weather starting to warm up (in some places more than others!), what better thing to look forward to than wandering through a beautiful flower maze? The one type of flower that grows particularly well in height is the sunflower. With the maze pictured here, you can almost smell how sweet the air must be walking through the pathways.

Sunflowers have a faint, sweet smell - like a daisy almost - and did you know that depending on the variety of sunflower, they can grow to be up to 12-feet tall? Pretty awesome!!

Sunflowers typically bloom more in the summer and late fall though. So... what to do in the meantime since we are just entering the first few days of spring?

To get your maze fix, you can easily get your copy of MeiroKodo during any season. Plus there's more to MeiroKodo than just that. Check it out!



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